Schenectady to Waterford, July 22th

Clifts along the Erie south side, South shore Waterfalls, Either way you go, you're dammed - Hint: you better go left!

Locking down through the flight of five multimedia, Is this craft named "Reliable"? multimedia

When we got into Waterford, the trawler ahead of us told us they had quite a storm the night before. He said that another boater there that night saw the weather vane on the top of the visitor center get hit with lightening and saw liquid metal and sparks rolling down the roof. He said that if it hadn't been so wet, it might have started a fire. If you saw the visitor center, this would bring to mind images of a nutty professor and a kid burning rubber in a car before vanishing.

It started to pour. Another trawler had just come out of the flight of five and seemed to be having trouble docking on the wall. I got the rain gear on and helped them out. Once settled, of course, the rain let up.


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