Rome to Sylvan Beach, July 11th

Sylvan Beach Sign

Sylvan beach is a resort town on the beach at the East end of Oneida Lake and the canal entrance. There is free docking along the wall and several local marinas. There are many arcades and restaurants and plenty to see. The swimming area is roped off into two sections and you might expect the section furthest from the beach would be deep. Fair warning, it is not any deeper than your legs so if you are looking for a nice swim, go out into the lake and jump off your boat!

Where Erie Canal meets Oneida Lake, Sylvan Beach.

Most of the boats that we saw on the canal at various stops show up at Sylvan Beach and it was nice to talk with them between isolated rain showers. One of the boats that we passed as far back as Amsterdam was a Mainship with two school teachers that were going to Lake Ontario. It is rare to see an all female crew on board but they appeared to be experienced. Another boat, Annie Sez Too, was making the journey. I asked if the name had anything to do with the stores and they said if it did, they wouldn't have been on this boat!


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