Herkimer to Rome, July 10th

We had a bit of a wait at lock 19 for a barge that was locking down. The scenery was nice with trains crossing the railroad bridge while we waited.

Railroad bridge at lock 19

We stopped at Rome primarily to visit a friend for dinner. We decided to stop at the Riverside Marina because it seemed easier to have the friend, new to Rome, find the marina from the phone book rather than find the terminal. Since he was driving, and we could ride with him, location wasn't too important. The entrance to the marina was funky requiring passing under a low railroad bridge. It was interesting trying to angle the boat to get under the bridge with the inflow of current and the sharp turn needed just before the bridge, not to mention the concern of hitting the radar tower on the arch if you miss the center. I suppose I could have folded the tower down, but we were able to fit after backing off and a second try.

In the afternoon, we took a taxi to visit Erie Canal Village where canal boats are pulled by animals walking along the tow path on a section of the original canal. The picture below tells it all. Here, the boat is coming in for a landing. The animals are halted and the rudder is used to steer the boat to the canal side where a member of the crew jumps off and loops a rope around a post. It looked like the person doing it this day hadn't done this before, and she could have used an extra turn on the rope to halt the forward momentum of the boat.

There were a number of old buildings here that you could walk through including the cheese museum, a school, a church, some stables and a mansion. The Rome sports museum is right next door. This is also a starting and stopping point for a bicycle trail, and there were a number of people using it. It was quite interesting to see all the different types of bicycles from recliners, bicycles built for two and bicycles built for two with a trailer seat and wheel.

The terminal at Rome is pictured below with the barges and tugs. I didn't know exactly what I was looking for when people said to stop at the terminal. Here is a sample of a terminal building and the wall that you can tie up to.

The restaurant we ate at was the Savoy. It is walkable from Rome terminal although it is a moderately long walk. Although most of the day was sunny, I was glad we had a car to get back from the restaurant with. It began to pour as we left the restaurant and continued for most of the rest of the night.

Entrance to Riverside Marina, Erie Village, Rome Terminal.

There is also Fort Stanwix National Monument in the center of Rome that may be worth a visit but time didn't permit.


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