Fulton to Oswego, July 13th

Is that a waterfall I'm heading for? Oh Dam! Really. Where's the lock? Oh yes, it's over there on the right.

Dam Lock 6. These markers aren't kidding when they say "Dam Ahead".

Locking down to Lake Ontario

Port of Oswego, Oswego Lighthouse and Lake Ontario

Looking South at Oswego from Lake Ontario, Looking West toward the Oswego power plant.

It was a bit choppy (3'-4') out in the lake this day. The crew had trouble holding camera level! Looking East toward a nuclear power plant on Lake Ontario.

The water is multiple colors. Lighthouse with multicolored water.

After taking a quick excursion into Lake Ontario, we docked at the Oswego International Marina. There is a maritime museum within an easy walk.

Maritime Museum, The white building houses a museum, and an army tug is located next to it. Both can be toured for a small fee. A restored army tug.

On the hill is Fort Ontario, The earthen berms protecting the Fort, An interior fort building.

The view from the Fort looking East, Some cannon balls, Some cannons along the western wall of the Fort.

For dinner, John recommended the Captain's Table. There was a Captain's Lounge and a Captain's Galley but no Captain's Table that we could find, so we tried the Captain's Galley on the East side of the canal and were not disappointed. After dinner, we returned to the boat to see a beautiful sunset. The boat in the next slip was trying to see a "green flash" which is supposed to happen on a clear night right as the sun sets. I guess there were too many clouds this night to see it.

Lock 8 at Oswego, Upstream (south) at Lock 8, A sunset over Lake Ontario.

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