Ithaca, July 16th

The Plantations at Cornell are a great place to stroll through. I would recommend doing it early in the morning or in the evening when it is coolest.

Plantations shop, Path through the plantations, Gardens out back

Magnolia Tree with giant flower, Path through groove

Friendly local fauna, Plantation Lily

You might think a dairy shop at Cornell might be a really good place for lunch. While it does have good ice cream, there aren't that many flavors and the lunch pickings are minimal. What it's got going for it is that it is close to the planations. Although you can even walk to it, parking is readily available right at the dairy shop. However, there are better places for lunch at Cornell.

Cornell dairy shop

There are three state parks in the Ithaca area. A ticket purchased at one is good for that day at any of the other ones. Buttermilk state park has a swiming hole, falls, and a walking path along both sides of the falls. The south path is the best trail and offers the best views.

Buttermilk Falls State Park

Buttermilk Falls South Path Views

Buttermilk Falls South Path Views

Ferns, Underwater depression, Foot bridge

This rock formation runs from below water level which is deep in the gorge to well above the level of the path.

Giant rock formation

More falls, Car bridge

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Hear it too.

Cornell Gorge, Corenll Falls, Snow in July - from the ice hockey rink


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