Schenectady to Canajoharie, July 8th

The canal is not the only transportation route that runs east and west through this area. The train tracks and the Thruway are always close by. Sometimes even too close when sleeping at night.

Tracks along the canal

Our itinerary said: "Tie up for a few minutes at Amsterdam and take a walk around the park. They've done a wonderful job here but the downtown revitalization has not yet followed. The facilities at the park are first rate." We got a late start from the Yacht Club so we actaully grabbed a bite to eat at the restaurant at the park. It took some time to locate someone and the food wasn't worth talking about. We didn't walk into town as it was very hot, and it was getting late and not particularly recommended. On the return trip, we heard that there had been some problems here with locals coming to the docks at night untying boats and setting them adrift, owners included.

Amsterdam Riverside Park.
Our itinerary said: "Lock up through Lock 11 and tie on the upper wall. Visit the Guy Park Manor and walk across the street to Russo's Bar and Grill. Again, this is a bar but the food is legendary. The service is not, but once you eat you'll forget all about it." Guy Park Manor is now the town municipal building and no longer a museum, but you can walk in and pick up information from their racks. Next door is a building that looks like it houses a generator for the locks.

Since we had already eaten, we didn't sample the food at Russo's until the return trip. It is located just across the railroad tracks and road from Guy Park Manor. From the picture, you can see that this is not the place you'd ever try if someone didn't specifically send you there. We did sample their fare on our return trip and both food and service was far better than Amsterdam. Hint: sit in the back of the restuarant where the waitress spends most of her time and service will be fine.

Guy Park Manor, Generator (Behind a foggy window), Russo's bar at Lock 11 upper wall.

Plans called for: "Tie up in Canajoharie for the night. If the dock is full you can tie on the bulkhead wall perpendicular to the channel, but depth is only 4-5 feet. Make your approach tight to the wall because there is a delta in the middle of the stream. If you are on the docks there is shore power but you might not get it if you are on the wall. There is a nice Italian Restaurant about two blocks into town, take a right, and one more block. Also, shops and smaller eateries. Great public library with an incredible collection of Winslow Homers. Nice place on main street for breakfast in morning."

Canajoharie (can (short) a joe har re), named by the Mohawk Indians meaning "the pot that washes itself", was to become one of our favorite stops. We passed the public library when we walked into town and we should have stopped in as it was open then and closed later. The Italian restaurant that was up two and over one is called Mercato's and was very good. As we walked into town, we heard singing. Every Tuesday night they have concerts across from the information booth on the main street. After dinner, the concert was still in progress and we walked up to find the whole town out on door steps or in the park listening to the concert.

We also walked up to a school that has been in use continuously for 100 years. Susan B. Anthony was a teacher here for several years. There was a stoplight in the center of town that was one of the first automatic freestanding stop lights in operation. (See our return trip to this town later in the trip for a picture.)

As we walked along the main street toward the Beechnut factory and the docks, there was a Village Restaurant that served ice cream and desserts in addition to dinners. We stopped in for some ice cream and found some delicious fresh baked fruit pies. The restaurant interior with the stools and counter reminded us of another era. A feeling that is mirrored by the whole town. I hope this town can preserve this. It is what made the stop so enjoyable. With its free dock and electricity so close to the town, it's hard not to want to overnight here.

Canajoharie Sign, 100 year old school where Susan B Anthony taught.


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