Seneca Falls to Onondoga Lake and Brewerton, July 18th

It is a quick trip back to the Erie canal via the Cayuga Seneca Canal, the north end of Cayuga Lake, and the Cayuga Seneca Canal. While we wanted to extend the trip further along the Cayuga Seneca Canal to and through Seneca lake to visit Watkins Glenn at the Southern end of the lake, the weather reports were not looking to good for the upcoming week. Since that would have required picking up a day or two because it would put us further out, we decided to save the trip for another time. The leasurely pace was nice and with the shorter travel times, we could pick our weather windows each day.

Along the way, I saw three women dress in long dresses walking in the middle of a field near the canal and thought is curious that they were in the field in their good clothes. As I passed, they noticed the boat wake and ran down on the rocks and took of their footwear. The then walked down the rocks holding their dresses so they didn't get wet and cooled their legs and the waves passed over. I realized they were much younger than I originally thought and that perhaps they were Quaker girls.

Here is some success after many failed attempts to capture the fauna and flora along the canals, but you have to look closely.

The fauna along the canal.

After Cross Lake and Baldwinsville, there is a canal junction with Klein Island in the center. Erie through boaters can pass on either side, but the north side is the shortest and the path we used westbound. For this eastbound return trip we tried the other path so we could follow the Onondaga Outlet into Onondaga Lake. The outlet and lake are relatively short and Syracuse at easily seen at the Southeastern end of the Lake once in the Lake.

Bridges. The red and green markers lead to the Syracuse Sign (It's a channel junction really)

Picturesque Klein Island Real Estate, Bridge at mouth of Onondoga Outlet, Onondoga Lake

We stayed over at Brewerton at Winter Harbor where the diesel fuel was the lowest anywhere I've seen at $1.27/gal. We took advantage of the curtesy car to do laundry, pickup a replacement stern bilge at West Marine, and find dinner. Our pump's plastic mounting tabs had snapped off causing the float switch to never shut off because the pump wasn't held low enough. The housing from the new pump was installed a few days later and solved the problem. The new pump itself wasn't used; it was a $35 cost for the package just to get the plastic mounting piece.

Park on Northeast side of Lake, Park on Northwest side of Lake, Night fog rising off the "Erie" waters at Brewerton.


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